Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Stitch in Time: Disney World, Teenagers & Giant Stuffed Animals

The one souvenir that my teenage daughter wanted from Disney World was a giant sized Stitch stuffed animal. We're talking a blue, furry alien that would require another plane ticket.

I held out as long as I could, and then, on our last night, tried to cook up a magical idea.

We sent the teenagers away to wander the park. I grabbed Stitch and bee lined it back to our hotel. Our sweet hotel concierge, Mary, hid Stitch behind her desk.

The girls returned to the hotel. We all got ready and left for dinner. As we got into the elevator, we gave Mary the thumbs up.

While we were away, Mary created a Stitch situation in our hotel room.

When we returned after dinner, the girls opened the door and wondered why the television was on.

Then Ruth screamed and ran to her bed. There was Stitch, wrapped in ever charge cord that we had in the room, watching TV and eating a cookie and some gummies.

It was a magical, happy last night in the Magic Kingdom for Ruth.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the End of the Line, Pushing My Way to the Front

We just finished a 5 day trip to Walt Disney World. After 5 days of lining up, racing to the next line, lining up and then racing to the next line again, I entered an alternate personality zone.

By the time we reached the security line at the airport to catch our flight home, I had a whole new subconscious behavior going on. As we merged into the security line, I was cut off from my merge by a family of 5 with their 3 boys riding their suitcases.

Now, I am a mom, who is part of a family of 5. I wasn't irked by the cute boys as they drove their suitcases like motorcycles. I was, however, irked by the mom who insisted on ramming her empty stroller in my path.

In my normal existence, I'd let her have the right of way and be done with it. After my Disney line standing experience, I was not about to let my merger be cut off at the pass. I had days of line conditioning, and even though I wasn't late for my flight, I pressed on.

And I pressed on until I had wedged myself and Ruth in front of the phantom stroller mama. As soon as I had established my position in line, I was completely horrified. Had I just asserted myself in such a non-characteristic way? I'm not a hostile line type of woman. I am always last on the bus any time push comes to shove. How had Disney effected me so deeply?

I mean, I am the person who found $3.00 on the floor of the gift shop and handed it in to the cashier. I am the one that helps lost children find their parents. I am the one who picks up the spilled napkins and hands them to the buffet keeper.

Yet, for a split second, I was the one who cut the other mom off at the pass. Lucky for her, my line karma was with me. She made it through security first. I always pick the longest line, and was still waiting to take my shoes off as her brood of motorcyclists vroomed down the walkway toward their flight.

I am back to normal now. I'll be the one waving you through the 4 way stop when we are tied to go. I'll be the one with 15 items telling you to pass me up in line at the grocery store so that you can check out with your 3 items.

But for that flash of a second, I was someone else. I was a Disney Villain!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation, Check!

We now officially have a high school junior, a high school freshman and a middle school 5th grader in our family! It was an exciting last week of school with many commemorative activities that left us with all of these very grown up kids.

And now, it's time for laundry. Just kidding a little bit. With all of the excitement around here, the little things in life have gone on the wayside, so it's time for bills and laundry. It's time to catch up on the mundane, yet necessary business of life.

It feels so good to finally have arrived at summer. The first official day, and all of the kids are sleeping, but I've been up and busy and getting the little things done so later we can do the really fun things like Pilates and doctor's appointments.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Driving Me Crazy, Where Does the Time Go? Who Brings it Back?

Now that John is driving every chance he can get, life seems a little strange. He seems like a thoughtful, careful driver, and I'm even a little relaxed when I'm his passenger.

I've looked around and realized that life is on a steady railroad track of a path. It keeps chugging by, swaying and rolling along at a steady pace. It's also not stopping.

Ruth graduates 8th grade tomorrow. She is so grown up and ready for high school. Birk has grown at least a foot and sprouted the legs like stilts. She will be a middle schooler tomorrow.

It drives me pretty crazy to think about what lies ahead. These kids are growing and changing every day. I'm not the same either, but I am happy to see them happy and excited about what is coming down the tracks next.