Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Greetings from California: April 2013 Edition

Dear Friends,

We've slipped into spring in the Bay Area, which really feels like summer. The days are warm, the nights are lighter longer, and we are tired of the school and sports routine. We are ready to kick up our heels and run for our freedom from this hectic scheduled life full speed into summer.

Coping with 3 different school schedules meant that a spring break family vacation was almost impossible.  Our oldest went on a service trip to Chile with Voluntary Horizons for 10 days.  The group went to Los Coipos and helped build a new playground and teach children English.  He enjoyed a home stay with a 100 percent Spanish and 0 percent English speaking family.  When asked about the highlights, he said that he now knows how the turkey trotting around the farmyard becomes an entree.

The rest of us were able to get away for a weekend to Santa Barbara and Alisal Ranch for our friend's 50th.  The weekend included a rodeo, horseback riding, swimming, biking, dancing (including a ladies' flash mob) and a fabulous celebration of our friend.  It was the first serious road trip that we've had in years.

With the oldest in Chile and the youngest in school, it was time for some serious STAYCATION with our middle daughter, Ruth.  After she saw the doctor, got x-rayed and splinted (turns out the prior evening's roller skating accident did in fact produce a broken finger!) we were on our way to the city for Urban Camping.

What is Urban Camping?  Well, originally it involved taking the ferry into San Francisco, but with our broken finger delay, we went in the car, via Rustic Bakery.  See, we were Rustic with our Urban Camping from the start.

Urban Camping was the idea of heading to an overnight in the city with just the clothes on our backs.  The kids keep growing, and it was time for some spring clothing.  So, we checked into a hotel and hit the shopping scene for pajamas and underwear.  Oh, and a new toothbrush, deodorant and finger splint supplies!

After a little shopping, we ordered room service and watched the movie, Identity Thief.

In the morning, it was time for a delicious, decadent brunch.

Meanwhile, back at the home ranch, Birk was playing baseball!  And boy has she been playing baseball!  Yesterday she got the team ball for knocking the tie breaking, winning RBI, for the walk off win in the last inning.  She got the game ball for that one.  On the very same day she came in 2nd overall for the school science fair...and she got an A++ on her math test.  She called this her best day ever!

Roxy is still the most cuddled one in the family a little over a year later.  She's grown from a little 5 pound puppy to 16 pounds.

Liz enjoying a day on her STAYCATION.  This rock climbing was done pre broken index finger.

Time with Grandma and Grandpa--a special day at the zoo.

Friday night in the stands, rooting for our team.

Our oldest is back on the mound.  He is also working on becoming an Eagle Scout and beginning the college search.

Well, that's it for now.  We have recitals, tournaments and finals coming up...along with SAT 2s and ACTs.  We are truly on the downward slide to summer, as soon as this calendar hits May, we are on our way!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Girl's Day: Urban Camping Stop 1, the Doctor's Office

Possible broken finger, please note, not due to any danger caused by Urban Camping.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013: You Can Have Your Bunny Cake

It's hard to believe that we are now at the end of another Easter Day. It began with our traditional chocolate egg hunt, then we were off to the 9 AM church service. After church, we had a delicious brunch at our new neighborhood cafe.

Back at home, each kid got to search for their three Easter baskets. Then it was time to set the table and get ready for Easter dinner with our wonderful, dear friends. I think we've celebrated Easter together for at least the past 11 years.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!