Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canadian Chronicles 2014: The Princess Tent

After my near rabies experience with the bat colony (well, truth be told it looks like I have about 19 years to develop signs of rabies), we put up a mosquito net.  At least if those pesky critters were going to fly over my bed I was going to know about it!  If they bite me through the netting, I should be able to wrap them in it and take them to the local animal control department like I should have done in the first place. Too bad I was screeming in the bathroom instead of learning my ABC's of bat invasion.

My friend went to the local wilderness store and  brought me the net.  My scoffing husband has been very good about not making too much of a fuss about sleeping in our bed with the netting surrounding us. 

Truth be told, as I type and gaze up at the netting, I feel like I am in one of those princess tents that you buy little girls to hang over their beds.  It's kind of like an adventure, if I didn't already have the nightmare part and vivid memories in my ears and eyes of swooshing shadowy bats.

Calling it a princess tent is actually making it a better situation for me. I feel a little bit like a princess and I'm actually having full night's sleep.  Much better than my eyes and ears peeled in paranoid restlessness.

The other funny thing, is that when I first emerge from the princess tent in the morning, it actually keeps the morning chill out.  Our little tent is balmy.  We can also pretend like we are in the fantasy suite at a Vegas hotel.  I only wish this little beauty was around the first half of the summer when we were losing sleep due to the buzzing of mosquitos in our ears and the sneak attack bites they were laying on us nocturnally.

As I'm typing, I'm also thinking it is a good thing that my husband and I spent the first part of our summer watching seasons one, two and three of Game of Thrones.  A princess tent almost feels like the right prop in a summer filled with all kinds of pestulant drama.

Of course if I ever tire of being a princess, I could start to go with the "On Safari" theme-Out of Africa-alternative-reality.