Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disney Gal's Briar Patch

We are raising a future Disney employee. Ruth loves everything Disney. She is 14 and watches Disney movies. She makes her friends watch Disney movies. She makes her family watch Disney movies. She loves the stories, the music and the animation.

She's an artist at heart. She spends hours learning to draw Disney characters--often while singing a Disney song. Oh, and she might be wearing a Disney article of clothing.

Ruth has been on the website looking for summer internships. The interesting thing about that is that you need to be quite grown up to work at Disney.

After 3 full days of pounding Disney theme park pavement, she stared wistfully out of our hotel room window. She was sad to be leaving the magic behind. The rest of the family wasn't feeling so magical at that point, we had had enough Disney to satisfy us for a while.

She really feels that there is never enough Disney.  I guess, as a parent, I am glad that she likes princesses and dragons and water shows instead of all of the other things she could like as a teenager.  I think as a parent, I am happy that something makes her so happy.  If she can spend 5 days in one hotel room with a family of 5 and love it so much, then, all is well.