Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Days in Canada

As we packed up for 5 days and readied our cottage for a new hardwood floor, I took a good long look at myself in the mirror....yikes!

Normally, no matter how much company we have in a summer, I look pretty rested when I am getting ready to face September. This time, I just look ragged.

The kids had such a happy summer. I lugged, sorted, boxed, taped, stacked, hefted and hauled stuff up and down stairs. My summer wasn't exactly unhappy, but it wasn't relaxing, that's for sure.

Many times I was washing dishes and looking out the window. There I spied my husband in a boat.

Many times I was folding laundry. Then I spied my husband frolicking in the water with the kids.

Many times I was preparing dinner. I would catch a glimpse of my husband sleeping in the hammock.

Hmmmmmmmm. Every year I have to say it: this vacation is not my vacation. It's nice and it's fun, but man, I'm tired.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wild, Crazy Kids!

After 4 weeks of bare feet, uncombed hair and lenient bedtimes I have crazy wild bush children!

They are loud and the kind of kids that get the stares and the eye rolls.

As my son was chasing an errant chipmunk with a butter knife at a resteraunt, I exploded with exasperation.

My son's defence? "Mom, you've left us on a long chain for too long."

Getting the short, civilized leash back on is going to be a project.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Manners

A lot of life only moves along smoothly because we follow the rules. At the store, you get in line to pay. At the deli you take a number. At a four way stop, well you get the idea, right?

Next weekend, we will host the 12th annual birthday bash for our two oldest kids. It is going to be a challenge due to the technical difficulties associated with a half built cot-Taj. We wouldn't miss seeing our friends for the world, so we are going full steam ahead with our slated plans.

Flash to an exciting email--we were invited as personal VIP guests to the Blue Rodeo concert in Ottawa. Yahoo! Wait, drat!

Technically, our guests usually disappear by early evening. Technically, we could make the concert. However, hurrying our guests along and pushing them out the door seems to go against gracious host rules.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pie Grannies

Sitting at the church turkey supper in the local community center, I was amazed at the choice of home baked pies. Cherry, raspberry, peach, apple, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, lemon merangue, chocolate cream, raisin, maple, coconut cream and I'm sure many more flavors I've missed.

My mother in law's friend asked me what kind of pie I liked to bake. What? I didn't bake pie? My poor husband!

Meanwhile, I was over indulging in not one, but two pieces of pie. I had coconut cream and chocolate cream going at the same time. In order to maximize room in my stomch, I was skipping the crust. Obviously, this was not a calorie issue.

Two older ladies next to me were remarking to each other that I was missing the very best part.

The thing is, I've had more pie this summer in north eastern Ontario than I've had in my life. Every meal, comes with pie. Every guest that arrives, brings us pie.

I hate to say it, but I'm kind of over pie. Well, maybe not the filling, but certainly the crust.

In our hometown, the only time pie shows up is Thanksgiving. Most people don't even eat dessert. My biggest worry is that this pie habit is going to be hard to break....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging With One Finger At A Starbucks

Need I say more? I'm surviving the Canadian wilderness, but have had the least computer access evah! I've spent my last weeks with more kids under 6 than I have since teaching pre school. Wow, have I ever become lazy. My kids are so self-sufficient and so completely potty trained. I am thankful that I can sit on the dock with a peacefulness you only know exists when your kids can swim, operate the microwave, read to themselves and go to the bathroom on their own.

My husband and I now realize how far we are away from diapers, pull ups and breastfeeding. We are so old in the way only three kids and surviving early childhood can make you old. We are weathered, beaten down and completely aged from parenthood.

I love the kids and I love the chaos. However, I love that I am not wholly responsible for all of these youngsters.

Now, we shall go drink our cappuccinos in wonder, and quietude.