Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tiny Handprints

I am now staring at a tiny handprint made by my daughter in December 2004--or so says the back of it.  That would make her a newly turned 3 year old at the time of the handprint.

It is green and glittery, I suppose it is a Christmas ornament with its red trimmed hanging loop.  That makes sense, a perfect holiday gift for the parents, made by the class.

As a teacher, this is brilliant.

However, years later, twelve-ish to be exact, I am sitting here, procrastinating paying the bills and staring at it.

I now know why exactly bronze baby shoes, foot prints and hand prints are so valuable--they are actual proof that your child was ever a tiny child.

I look at her now, 15 and ready to take on the world by automobile, and it is hard to believer that tiny hand print belonged to her ever.

And it is also hard to believe how that tiny hand print squeezes your heart, every day since the day her handprint was even tinier.