Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Here's the bad news:  I was in my garage this weekend, finally trying to put order in my abyss of chaos.  The bins were willy nilly, and I needed to get the Christmas gear with the Christmas gear, the Halloween stuff with the Halloween stuff....well, you get the idea.

I decided that all of the luggage needed to be in one spot.  Duffel bags that could be stuffed inside another duffel were stuffed.  Suitcases that could be stored within one another were zipped and ordered like nesting dolls.  I hefted our biggest family suitcase and could barely lift it.

What?  I put in on the ground and unzipped it.  My jaw dropped to the concrete.  There, still neatly organized in my suitcase were clothes, bathing suits, belts, shoes, sunscreen, hat, etc.--I NEVER UNPACKED FROM MY FEBRUARY TRIP TO MEXICO!   What?  What?

So, the bad news is that my mental I.Q. is rapidly declining.  

What's the good news, you ask?  There in the middle of all of that unpacked vacation stuff was FUJI!!!!!!  

Yes, tattered, lonely Fuji was among the cargo.  My daughter's blanket is now back in her arms as she sleeps tonight.  


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you discovered it! You're crazy, yes, but still, that was awesome! ;)

Terri said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you found it!!! What a great surprise!!! I know your daughter was on cloud 9! On the other hand.... happy unpacking! :(

~Jamie said...

Welocme Home Fuji! Are you glad to be out of the suitcase?

DawnS said...

Oh how I wish I could say that has never happened to me... but I'm glad you found your daughters blanket! The same thing happened to us with Rylee's leapster, which I was sure she had left in a Nashville hotel room in November. I found it about 2 weeks ago - also in the garage in an unpacked suitcase - you are not alone :)

Terri said...

That is so neat about the bunny cake. This was our first year to make it but it will def. be a tradition from here on out! It was my husband's bithday cake and it was so fun and easy to make.

Parenthood For Me said...

that's too funny. I always tell my DH unpack right when you get home or it will get lost in the shuffle.
No dog for Santa. Sorry to ruin the image.

Helene said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!! I bet your daughter was thrilled to have her blankie back again!!!

Don't feel too husband packed my suitcase for me to bring to the hospital when I was in for pre-term labor. I ended up delivering Garrett and Landon and then when I finally got home after a couple days and I put the suitcase upstairs in a corner of our sat there for a whole year, that's sad!!

Swoozie said...

Yay Fuji! What a surprise!

fivemonkiesreview said...

Here from Under 100 group on MBC

~~tonya~~ said...

Coming over from MBC under 100! Great blog. Too funny on the unpacked suitcase.

Deb said...

@blueviolet: It is crazy awesome how things work out sometimes!

@Jamie: Fuji seems very happy with all of the fresh air it's getting :)

@DawnS: I'm so glad that I'm not alone, that makes me feel so much better!

@Terri: Yup, now I'm unpacking and finding all of the little things that were astray that I couldn't quite put my finger on. We've been making that same bunny cake since I was a little kid :)

@Parenthood For Me: I wish I had a DH who unpacked suitcases. As far as my man is concerned, I pack 'em and unpack 'em and sometimes load them into the car :)

@Helene: She was thrilled! I totally get how your suitcase was the low thing on the totem pole, I'll bet that it was one busy year! You get a "Get out of unpacking your suitcase for (at least) one year FREE" card :)

@Swoozie: Yes, I was so surprised at my mommy-itis that I felt weak in the knees, how could I have done that?

@fivemonkiesreview and tonya: thanks for the follow! Looking forward to following your blogs, too!

Suzanne said...

I'm so happy for your daughter. This happened to us so I know just how big this moment was!!!:-)