Sunday, April 13, 2008


Drop me a line if you've got the time at

I love to get mail!


BQGirl said...

Hi D,
I enjoy reading your blog. Unlike my husband, I am not that technologically savvy...and it has taken me a month to figure out how to post a note to you. Hope you and your family are well. I think we women all live with a bit of guilt no matter how much or how little we do. Is that why we feel we have to cleverly deflect our husbands from things we do for ourselves like shopping? By the way, hope you had a great Halloween. Our doorbell rang a whopping 5 times. Good thing I bought my favorite chips...only 60 bags leftover. Carolyn

Deb said...

Hi Carolyn,
I'm so glad that you are enjoying the blog. I am myself, left at home alone with a gigantic bag of mini snickers and almond joys! I'm trying my best not to succomb to the temptaion! Our Halloween was hectic, but fun. Now, we can finally relax and enjoy this brief spell of quiet before the winter holidays. Hope this finds you and yours well. Enjoy the chips, they are truly my favorite snacks of all time!!!