Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The End of Quarantine: Cottage Chronicles 2020

 Today is the end of our quarantine.  It has basically been a month.  I had one day off and started the process again at the 2 week mark.  I was asked if we were going to have a celebration to celebrate being off quarantine.

I am sitting here looking out at the water wondering why I am so excited?  What about my life will change off quarantine?  Not much.  Now I can go to the grocery store.

We have done a lot of wonderful things during quarantine.  We have celebrated 2 birthdays.  We have toasted the final class of college and graduation from Michigan for Lizzy.  We have celebrated Birk making the tough decision to change her school from Michigan to Babson.  We have played an unfinished heated game of Monopoly.  

We have baked and scrubbed and organized and laundered and breathed life back into every corner of this building.  

One of the most interesting thing is to see how our personalities compliment each other.  We make a mini community with the quirks and gems of our personalities.  This little village has law abiders, bakers, energy bolts and boosts, critics, comics, sages, musicians, movie buffs, crafters, plumbers, artists, pundits, ball throwers, boat drivers, water skiers, sweet tooths, hair stylists, dog groomers, furniture assembly experts, bar tenders and the list goes on...

We have also sadly watched from afar the wildfire apocalypse that is playing out at home.  

Covid times, covid times...

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