Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birk's Buying Us A Ski House In Tahoe

Birk had such a fantastic time skiing in Tahoe with her daddy, that she wants to quit regular school, and go to ski school full time.  She realizes that this requires a house in Tahoe.

She first asked daddy to buy her a ski house.  He said,  "Get good grades in school, get a really good job and you can buy a ski house."

Later, our savvy seven year old called us to the computer, very excited. Unbeknownst to us, she had googled Squaw Ski House.  She chose a very excellent and beautiful ski chalet for the nifty price of $1,200,000.00.

Birk was quiet for a long time after dinner.  She asked me how to scan a picture that she had drawn.  A few minutes later, she handed me a stack of papers advertising dogwalking...for $18.00.  She put on her shoes and was ready to go post her flyers around the neighborhood.

Then she asked me, almost jumping up and down with merriment, how many dogs she would have to walk at $18.00 to afford her dream home.

You've got to love kids.

John informed her that it would take approximately 66, 667 dogs. 

You've really got to love kids.


Kim said...

If I had a dog, I would hire her!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I love her gumption! You never know, you and your husband may very well end up with that house by the time she's in the sixth grade! :-)

~Jamie said...

BUUUUT... if she walked 4 dogs in the morning and 4 dogs in the afternoon everyday of the year... it would only take 22 3/4 years to get her ski house! I say go for it. Maybe that's how I should a mast my 1.2 million dollar fortune!

Deb said...

@Under the Influence: Awwwwww, thanks. Let us know when you enter the land of dog ownership. I did tell her $18.00 was a pretty steep price, though. Then again, so is $1.2 mil.

@Jennifer: I guess out of all the houses in Tahoe she picked a pretty reasonably priced one. Yikes. She's determined, I'll keep you posted. I don't think the ski house is in the cards, unless we hit Vegas and win at playing cards :)

@Jamie: Hey, if our whole family walked dogs for the next 22 3/4 years....hmmmmmmmm. You've given me an idea!

BrnEyedGal said...

She must be a joy! And at her age...ready to work for what she wants!
Your gotta love kids. They have amazing minds!

Terri said...

How cute!!! Tell her she could walk my dog any day-that is if I had one!! Bravo for her determination!

Molly said...

That is really funny! I love when you can "see" the wheels turning in thier mind.

Unknown said...

Awwww! so sweet! Found you on the 100 followers group on the mom site

Deb said...

@BrnEyedGal: It is quite refreshing to live with little people that still can hope and dream in big ways!

@Terri: Thanks, Terri. She really is determined. She thought if I put her flyer on line that people wouldn't take her seriously and then she wouldn't get any business. It took me a while to convince her that it would be o-k and get the go ahead :)

@Molly: I used to hear that when I was little and never knew what that meant, now seeing the 'wheels turn' is one of my favorite parts. That's why I enjoyed teaching both pre school and junior high.

@Tracy: Thanks for the follow, Tracy, and welcome to LWB :)

Veronica Lee said...

She's such a joy!

Buckeroomama said...

Go, Birk, go! How enterprising. :)

Thanks for the "follow" and following you right back. ;D

Unknown said...

That is so great! I wish I had her drive!

Rae Ann said...

Wow! How industrious of her! Did you know that the ability to make a plan to reach a goal is a sign of giftedness? Go Birk!