Sunday, August 16, 2020

Go Seen Go: Passing The Driver’s Ed Test with the Tough Guy

Standing here watching my little guy speed off with the toughest driving tester at the DMV. Good luck, little Seen.

Back story: The rumors fly about which DMV you should take your driving test. Where is it easy? Where is it hard. Where should you avoid if you are a girl? A boy? Who is grouchy? Who is nice?

Well, I booked Seen into the toughest, grouchiest, hardest testing ground ever. Then, it was said that you could be ok if you don't get the Hawaiin ex marine.

Well, you guessed it--he got him! It looked like we were going to get the sweet looking older lady. By right of line we should have gotten her. But, oh no, he comes the bad ass marine. He seemed polite, he seemed fine, and off they drove.

Now I'm standing here, tears in my eyes that my little guy is so grown up and tears in my eyes that he is out there with a tough judge. Boy oh boy, if my kid is out there driving, I want him to pass the tough guy test. I want him really ready. Please be ready. Please show the tough guy you're ready.


If you little one is going to be going out into the to pass the the bad ass marine test!

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