Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Canadian Chronicles 2014: The Summer of Pestilence and Disney

Knowing that my personal woes are on a small scale, I am nominating summer of 2014 for the title "Summer of Pestilence."

Let's set the scene.  The girls have been asking and asking to go to Disneyland.  We promised them a trip attached to no particular date.  That was the first mistake. Looking at the calendar, we pigeonholed ourselves into a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth that had us getting home and leaving in a day and a half for our summer in the Canadian wilds.

Knowing our time was crunched, we did every bit of preparation we could do before our "Happy" excursion.  We dialed in the mail, the pets, the bills, the summer chair cushions, the car storage, the laundry, the packing, etc.  I tried to out fox the foxes and was feeling very satisfied with my organizational skills as we were sitting on our plane with our friends bound for L.A.

Even on the plane, we got seats together, our flight was on time, we got to the airport packed and ready to go without incident. My friend Paula and I were seated in a row directly in front of our "Happy" girls. The flight door was closing, and as my friend's daughter was just about to switch off her cell phone for the flight as one last text chimed in...

"Mom,  So and So has lice."

And they had both just spend the night with So and So.

And so it goes...the plane took off and that began our Disney trip...with many many little stow always flying on both of their tiny heads.

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